BIOLOGA-Ground strap AEB 3.0

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  • for grounding at the equipotential bonding of construction fabrics, shielding fleeces, and shielding paint 
  • conductive adhesive surfaces with adhesive cover 
  • for secure shielding of electric alternating fields

Electrically conductive ground strap for connection to equipotential bonding. The band is used for “grounding” several sheets of shielding fleece (Saphir, Rubens Light), shielding fabrics (Diamant Plus, Adamantan 003), or of surfaces with painted shielding colors (NF45, HF60).

Both the fleece layer as well as the adhesive layer of the self-adhesive ground strap are constructed so as to be electrically conductive. The band can thus be attached on as well as beneath shielding paint, for example. Biologa recommends initially gluing the band in the socket area and then coating it with shielding paint. This provides an optimal hold of the band on the wall.


Fixing the ground strap AEB 3.0 does not need to be carried out by a qualified electrician. You can do this yourself beforehand.

All electric work (connection of the grounding plate to the equipotential bonding, work with electric devices and systems) must be carried out and inspected by a qualified electrician or under their guidance and supervision! 

Only use the ground strap in dry interior rooms at a normal temperature. No open outdoor use!




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