BIOLOGA-EMF- Detector ESI 24

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  • Equipped with high-performance antennas, the new ESI24 is the only device to simultaneously detect low frequency (electric and magnetic) and high-frequency radiation, with extreme sensitivity, while also featuring a very broad spectrum of detection (up to 10 Ghz)!
  • Its very attractive selling price and its German manufacture make it the superior detector in its class. With its super sensitive antennas, the ESI24 makes it possible to know precisely one’s level of exposure to electromagnetic fields, in particular for high frequency radiation, thanks to its new ‘full HF’ mode which is very much appreciated by people who are electro-sensitive.
  • This new function makes it possible to detect high frequencies at very low levels, much below traditional radiation limits and guide values.

Why choose the esi 24 emf detector?

The esi 24 emf detector provides:

  • perfectly easy to understand measuring of electromagnetic fields - super easy emf exposure information for interested laypersons
  • sophisticated features and accurate readings - the esi 24 qualifies as a first line assessment tool for emf professionals
  • a perfectly quick and easy to read overview of your emf exposure situation at home, in your office and when traveling
  • discreet monitor design with integrated RF - microwave antenna: now you can measure emf anywhere without drawing attention, and without the hassle of having to install an external antenna
  • Super-compact size, fits in any pocket - well, almost any pocket.
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