BIOLOGA-HF65 - 1 liter

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  • for large-scale shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, low-frequency alternating electric fields and dissipation of static charges
  • very low-emission shielding color for the interior and outside area
  • metal-free, physically very stable, durable and non-oxidizing
  • high water resistance

Electrically highly conductive wall coating on a synthetic resin base. The color is vapour-diffusible and does not contain any solvents, plasticisers, semi-volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, or ammonia.

HF65 holds well on most non-greasy and stable surfaces in the interior area and is easy to paint over (all conventional and biological emulsion and silicate emulsion paints) or wallpaper over.

Painting the existing wallpaper is sensible when the shielding area is set to be removed without residue within a foreseeable time frame.


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