Protect your sleep and well-being from electro-smog



Electro-smog is the collective term for all artificially generated electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Electro-smog is invisible, inaudible and odourless, but omnipresent. Examples of its sources are all kinds of domestic electrical installations, cordless telephones (DECT), mobile phones, baby intercoms, TV, radar, radio communications etc.


Electromagnetic radiation is on the increase

As electric power consumption constantly rises and wireless communications technology rapidly spreads, so the intensity and volume of radiation grows. However, you can significantly reduce electro-smog by taking suitable precautions.

A reduction in pollution can be achieved merely by exercising awareness in the use of electrical devices.

And the consequences for our well-being?

Everyone reacts differently to electro-smog. Minor to severe impairment of well-being and health may be experienced, depending on the strength of the electromagnetic radiation and on a person's sensitivity (e.g. allergies) to electro-smog.

However, prevention is now a simple matter as Swiss Shield® textiles provide effective protection from electro-smog.