Swiss Shield® curtains and canopies – highly effective and yet aesthetically pleasing


Application example


Prevention is better than cure is the principle that also applies to electro-smog. In using Swiss Shield® textiles in the home, you will be protecting your sleep and your well-being from the external influences of electromagnetic radiation.


An invisible protective shield

The secret lies in the patented yarn. A gossamer-thin, invisibly integrated special thread gives the fabric its unique protective effect. This lattice works like a mirror that reflects electromagnetic radiation.


Swiss Shield® curtains

From translucent, lightweight net curtains in front of single windows all the way to decorative heavy curtains along whole walls – Swiss Shield® prevents electro-smog from penetrating into interiors. Since the rooms are screened, the occupants will be effectively and safely protected from unwelcome external electromagnetic radiation.


A canopy made of Swiss-Shield® fabric is the ultimate solution for the complete screening of your sleeping place. Working on the principle of a Faraday's cage, the Swiss Shield® canopy will shield your bed from electromagnetic radiation: The best conditions for peaceful and healthy sleep.

To achieve an optimum screening effect, we recommend that you take advice from an expert.