BIOLOGA-EGP (Grounding plate)

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  • for incorporating existing shield areas into equipotential bonding
  • corrosion-resistant stainless steel components

The new grounding plate EGP is a smaller component made of stainless steel to incorporate existing shielding areas into the (functional) equipotential bonding (“grounding”). 

The smaller version of the grounding plate can, for example, enable the discrete integration of surfaces painted with shielding paint beneath the skirting board in the equipotential bonding. Grounding components are thereby no longer visible in this area.


The necessary installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician. A fault-current circuit breaker (FI or RCD ≤ 30mA) must be present in the electric circuit. Your electrician will install this standard device for you, if not already present. 
All electric work (work on electric devices and systems) must be carried out and examined by a qualified electrician or under their guidance and supervision!

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